Learn How to Digitize Embroidery Designs

         This unique, web based training program allows any qualified student to learn the secrets of creating high quality, performance designs without leaving the comfort of your home.  Save on travel expenses and the difficulty trying to block out enough time from your busy schedules to devote to learning this rewarding art form.   Learn at your pace and leisure.

         This one-on-one, comprehensive educational experience is truly interactive.  There is no special software to buy for the one-on-one connection.  When your class is scheduled, simply log onto GoToMeeting .com, enter a special code number and your session begins.  The audio portion can be done via a USB headset or by any phone, via a special phone number.  Each Student works directly with  Mr. Gawronski.  Every lesson is re-inforced by student participation, via remote software, affirming the student's comprehension.  As you progress through the program, you will gradually amass skill sets that complement and expand on the previous lesson.  When you're finished, you can be GUARANTEED to have the skills and comfort levels to translate art into profitable embroidery revenue.

         This Exciting Program consists of a total of  32 hours of training that can be arranged to fit your busy schedule.  A typical program will break this time into sessions ranging from 2 to 4 hours each.  These sessions are designed to start with simple exercises and increase in content and complexity until the student can comfortably dissect any art and digitize that dissection into a finished embroidery design, ready to run on any commercial  embroidery machine.

         You choose the pace and schedule that meets your needs.  If you are interested in learning very quickly, we can schedule two sessions per day for 4 continuous days.  You could schedule that time within the same week or separate it over a weekend for more comfort.  If you don't have that kind of availability in your schedule, try taking one session every day for either 8 days continuously or broken into Tues. and Thurs., for 4 weeks.  Many evening slots are also open to accomodate those who have other work committments during the day.

         The course content starts with the basic digitizing elements and then progresses into proper parameter settings, digitizing for different fabrics, push and pull compensation, underlay stitching, applique, 3-D embroidery and much more.  The student will be digitizing remotely on actual digitizing software.  This course is truly a comprehensive digitizing course that prepares the candidate to begin production digitizing by the end of the program.

         The total cost of this entire 32 hour program is only $2,995.00. (a $4,000 value)  If you chose to purchase the program by individual 4-hour sessions, they are priced at only $500.00 each.  Any misc. training is available for only $125.00 per hour.

         Following the principles taught within this program, if you were to digitize as few as only 5 designs per month, (@ $50 per design), you would pay for this entire training program easily within the first year.  That's 100% return on investment. 

        Realistically, within the first month you should be able to digitize at least one design per day and generate $1,500 per month in revenue.  After a couple of years practice, you should be able to create a design within 1 to 2 hours at four times this revenue or $6,000 per month.

         If you are interested in more information or would like to sign up for this exciting offer, please e-mail us at frankg@embroideryedu.com or call us directly at (614) 361-9383

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