The Art and Science of
Computerized Embroidery

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        Many embroidery operations set up their methods and practices based on trial and error. Sometimes more error than trial.  Although these practices eventually get the work done, many times the work is either done in a longer time interval than necessary, and/or a higher cost of materials and often more labor than necessary.

        Engineering embroidery is more than just clocking people with stopwatches. It is more than just calculating SAMs (standard allowed minutes). It is the study of all methods and processes focusing on the machine running time and down time. Engineering is the process of establishing quantitative measures for recording production output. Engineering is also teaching the operators the difference between being "busy" and "productive". Most conscientious, self motivated operators will find ways to keep "busy". Most operators will naturally find methods that complete the tasks necessary while staying "busy" with their hands. Being "productive", on the other hand, is a trained skill of prioritizing all tasks based on efficiency and effectiveness. We call this "Synergy Based Multi-Tasking" and it is a trainable skill set. This is a core element in all of our production renovations

        Engineering itself is both a tempered as well as a trained skill. Most company owners and managers simply do not have the available time to become effective engineers. Engineering, like Accounting and Law are available resources to be tapped into as needed to solve specialized problems.

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