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Computerized Embroidery

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        With all of the challenges facing business owners and managers today, most people can juggle each challenge with a lot of common sense and find a workable solution. When it comes to the technical or production side of the business, however, most challenges or problems require experience and knowledge. Sometimes you can find and hire a full employee to meet this need. Other times you do not need someone full time and this is where a qualified consultant can help.

        Whether you are looking for a specific solution to an embroidery problem /application, looking to capture your costs and establish profitable pricing or you are looking to evaluate your business' overall condition, consulting is a practical and economical way to go.

        If you are looking to invest in a used embroidery machine, an assessment made by an individual with a mechanical engineering educational background and a strong mechanical aptitude, can tell you what that machine is actually worth and any additional costs necessary to bring it back to production quality.

        Most of the information in our industry is free on the internet but unfortunately, a lot of it is only worth exactly what you pay for it. A qualified consultant does not just bring information to the 'table'. Their responsibility is to act as a clearing house for that information, develop a solution and (most importantly) render results.

        A qualified consultant should perform the following tasks:

      1) Assess your company's condition and needs.

      2) Sort out the correct information to address those problems.

      3) Design and conduct programs that bring measurable results to your company's bottom line.

        Sometimes consulting services are percieved as merely an expense to a company. Sometimes smaller companies think that only the larger companies can afford consultants. The truth of the matter is that the larger companies who have previously invested in qualified consulting, know that the true value of this investment can be measured by the return on their investment (ROI).

        No matter how large or small a company may be, consulting should bring an increase in profits to the company, usually equal to the consulting expense, within a period of no more than one year. (This is contingent upon the staff's ownership and participation in the programs.) EESI sets it's target ROI for it's customer's more agressively within 6 months to one year. That's a return of anywhere from 100% to 200% within a single year.

        If you are interested in seeing if consulting can be of benefit to your company, please "Contact Us" to set up a confidential interview.

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