The Art and Science of
Computerized Embroidery

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Embroidery Overview

        Over the centuries, embroidery has always been one of the most unique and yet fascinating art forms known to man. In addition to being an art form, embroidery has also been a very technical production process. From it's humble beginning of jacquard machine stitching to today's modern, high speed computerized form, embroidery has always been subject to certain basic laws of physics and nature. As embroiderers have artistically experimented over the years with creative variations of this medium, they have likewise experienced the physical limitations of it as well. These limitations often manifest themselves as excessive thread breakage, poor quality embroidery and sometimes damaged garments.

        The old craftsmen have learned that there are basically three technical areas that control embroidery production. These are:

        a) pattern creation (digitizing),

        b) production skill sets (hooping, thread tensioning & material handling) and

        c) machine condition (maintenance & repair).

        These artisans have found that all three of these must be properly orchestrated in order to produce high quality, high volume, low cost embroidery.

        Unlike our predecessors, many of today's embroidery shops are often challenged with not only a wider range of unique fabrics, threads and applications, but also a higher level of technology, sophisticated computerized machinery and a highly competitive market. Today's embroiderer can no longer afford to be only a Jack of all trades, they must be Master of all.

Although we enjoy many of the intrinsic benefits of computer technology today, these systems still do not know how to do embroidery properly. They are merely high speed systems that do what the operator instructs. In spite of all of this sophisticated technology, we still have to abide by the laws of Physics. This is why we still have to learn what the old masters have learned and this is why Embroidery Educational Services Int'l.(EESI) came to be.

        Your company is a candidate for our services:

        * If you are experiencing more than one thread break for every 10,000 to 15,000 stitches on a multi-head or 60,000

           to 100,000 stitches on a single-head

        * If you are experiencing design related problems such as poor registration, rough resolution, fabric puckering and

           thread breaks at trims

        * If your machines require too much repair

        * If your work flow is inefficient

        * If your employees are not working efficiently and effectively

        * If you are not sure about your pricing (costing)

        The above items are typical issues that are addressed by EESI every day. EESI is a full service consulting, training and engineering company that specializes solely on computerized embroidery. With 40+ years experience in the embroidery industry, let us bring the old masters secrets to improve your shop, your associates and your bottom line.

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