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Machine Repair

         Today's embroidery machines are very high-tech, computerized, precision lock stitch sewing machines. These machines are designed to run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year IF they are serviced and repaired with the same meticulous skills with which they were originally assembled. This is the basis for one of the biggest problems in our industry today. Not all of the machines are being serviced or repaired to those high standards. Some of this may be a result of the waning number of highly skilled, long tenured mechanics available in our industry. Some of this may also be a result of amateur or part-time individuals who attempt to service their own machines, without proper training.

         Today's machines are very well designed, durable pieces of equipment. When a thread jam or a broken part occurs, proper removal, installation and regulation of the new part as well as any related parts must be done to keep the machine in like new condition. In my consulting travels, I find that most of the used machines are only serviced to about 50% to 75% of their capacity. Some are even worse that these figures.

         To meet this need, Embroidery Educational Services Int'l provides two options:

1) If you are not mechanically inclined, let us service your machine. We have over 30 years of direct experience and a background in mechanical engineering

2) If you are mechanically inclined and want to service your own machine, we provide comprehensive training for all makes and models of embroidery machines.

          If you have an old "war horse", that isn't up to par or even a late model machine that is experiencing too many nagging thread breaks, we can re-build those machines during a training program offering ample "hands on training" for the owner, manager or designated employee. During this training, the students will learn the theory behind the embroidery stitching process. They will also learn how to diagnose a problem based upon it's symptoms. Students will also learn the proper settings for all regulated parts on an embroidery machine. With this information and a little practice, each student will be able to confidently handle a large majority of typical repairs and adjustments.

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