The Art and Science of
Computerized Embroidery

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          The difference between teaching and learning is found in the temperament and skill of the instructor. Almost anyone can share knowledge, however, very few can guarantee a learning experience. The secret is found in the approach. This is what sets EESI apart from the others, we guarantee that our approach will enable you or your designated student, to understand and apply the material covered. All of our customized training programs at EESI are focused on retention, not just presentation.

          We use a very simple three step program. First, each student is evaluated for their own individual learning temperament. Secondly, an approach is chosen to compliment that temperament and the material is presented. Third, we provide unlimited follow up for clarification and affirmation.

          Customized individual or group training is available in the following areas:

1) Design and Digitizing - High quality, productive embroidery starts with a properly digitized design. EESI offers beginner through advanced training in all areas of art preparation (if necessary) through digitizing. We combine old world ‘stitch for stitch’ techniques with the high tech software of today to enable each student to create high quality, runnable designs with confidence.

2) Multi-head and single head operation - The most productive operators are those who control the machine time rather than the machine controlling their time. In order to do this, an operator must possess a thorough knowledge of the basic skills of embroidery. This includes;

     a) How to set tensions properly.

     b) Understanding the various types of needles used in embroidery.

     c) How to hoop and adjust for the different types of fabrics.

     d) How to utilize all of the machine features.

What you can expect from our training programs:

          A well trained operator is capable of running any single-head embroidery machine at least 60,000 to 100,000 stitches between thread breaks or a multi-head machine, at least 10,000 to 15,000 stitches between thread breaks at least 51% of the time.

          If you track your production by yield, a typical older machine yield should range between 200 to 400 ESPM (effective stitches per minute). A typical newer machine should yield between 300 to 500 ESPM.

          Our training will enable your operators to work up to their potential. Our training in this area is only done on site, side by side with your operators. This way the operators can experience the techniques first hand and see the effects of their actions right away.

3) Machine maintenance and repair - The third key to successful embroidery production is a properly maintained and repaired machine. If you are mechanically inclined to repair your own machines and have a temperament to fix it right the first time, this program is for you. Embroidery machines, like automobiles, suffer from wear and tear during normal operation. Periodically, all machines have to be repaired or tuned up in order to perform optimally. The difference between good and bad repair is regulating. Whenever a part is replaced, it must be properly regulated along with those around it, to assure that the same problem will not return soon.

          EESI offers hands-on training for any level of technician for most of the brands of equipment on the market today. This training is very detail oriented and addresses the dynamic interaction of all moving and stationery parts.

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