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Embroidery Educational Services - What we do

With over 40 years of "hands-on" production experience, we provide a FULL range of cost-effective, educational solutions to any embroidery challenge.
Our Services encompass ALL THREE aspects of the embroidery production model: 1) Digitizing, 2) Production Skill Sets and 3) Machine Maintenance & Repair.

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High quality, smooth running embroidery starts with high quality embroidery digitizing. Each embroidery design should be created by a skilled artisan who uses software as a tool to incorporate their skills into each design.
For this purpose, we offer digitizing training in the following areas:

 • Introductory to Embroidery Digitizing
 • Beginners Digitizing
 • Intermediate Digitizing
 • Advanced Digitizing
 • Specialty skills (i.e. 3D foam, Applique, Small Lettering, etc.)

Production team

Production Skill Sets

We offer machine operator training that incorporates the necessary Skill Sets to produce high quality embroidery with confidence. This investment will provide savings in the reduction of damaged garments & machines.
Our training will provide the following:

 • Machine functions and controller interface operation
 • Proper hooping and framing methods and techniques
 • The Art of proper thread tensioning
 • Proper needle selection and application
 • Proper product finishing techniques

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Machine Maintenance & Repair

All machines are subject to wear and tear from normal production. This means that periodical lubrication and occasional repair or regulation is a MUST.
Some of those services are listed below:

 • PM Training for Machine Operators
 • Beginner thru Advanced Mechanic's Training
 • On-Site Repair on all Makes, Models and Vintages

Embroidery Educational Services

We offer several different services to help improve your embroidery company's performance and bottom line. Click on each service to learn more about it.


What are some of the most popular embroidery challenges and what can we do to overcome them and improve our bottom line?


This is a cost effective alternative to hiring a full time employee. Buy the expertise that you need, only when you need it!


Embroidery, like any other process, can be engineered for optimum output, minimum cost and maximum profits.


Professional training can save thousands of lost dollars from damaged garments, damaged machines and lost customers.

Machine Repair

Whether you repair your own machines or let us do it for you, machine repair is an inevitable part of any business.


Using our services to invest in your company's health simply translates to discovering lost revenue opportunities

About Us

Who we are

Embroidery Educational Services International has been providing consulting, engineering and training services to the computerized embroidery industry since 1988.
We have provided those services throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America, South America, Hawaii, Korea and Japan.

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FRANK GAWRONSKI is a 40+ year veteran of the embroidery industry. He began his career making emblems on Schiffli looms at St. Louis Embroidery. After that, he started and operated his own 62-head, multi-head embroidery company for more than 15 years before dedicating the balance of his career to educating others. As an international speaker, he has presented over 500 work shops and seminars over the last 26 years. As a writer, he has written numerous articles on the embroidery process that have been published in two languages in trade magazines in the US, Europe, Mexico and Central America. As a consultant, he has provided engineering services with numerous companies ranging from as few as a single head machine, up to more than a thousand embroidery heads.

Voted "Best Embroidery Consultant", Reader's poll "Quest for the Best", Impressions Magazine.

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